Do I need a website?

Before you decide to reach any web designer or company, ask your self a question and see if you really need a website for your business. In today’s competitive world, average consumer researches online before visiting any business. For example, before going to restaurant for dinner, most guests would go restaurant’s website to read reviews and see menu. So if restaurant does not have a website, they are losing numerous potential consumers.

Branding and strategic thinking

When others focus on just graphic design, we look at your brand’s overall persona and device way in which the website design can accentuate it online.

We understand that logo is not your brand; not is it your identity.  Your logo, brand and identity design fosters a perceived notion that is based on emotion and desire about any specific company.  The way someone feels about your company.  What company’s values are.  What makes you different and unique than your competition.  That is branding.

What comes to your mind when someone tells you ‘What is your favorite brand?’  Now list all the reasons that you are in love with that brand.  We want our customers to have that same feeling about each brand we develop.

Creative Web Designing

Responsive design is just one of the many things we recommend in terms of web design. We have dedicated team of web designers who are able to create basically anything you are looking for. Our designers are highly experienced and up to date with today’s current technologies and new trends of latest web design. Our team can create a design that is very user friendly, esthetically pleasing, and friendly with all the browsers.

Coding and Developing

Our web developers are up to date with the latest coding standards and technology innovations in the desktop and mobile devices. Our highly skilled developers are able to customize common CMS like WordPress and Joomla or create completely custom application based on your business’s requirement. We also help you with setting up wireframes and flow of your system. Our developers are experts in various programming languages. We welcome all the challenges. We help you build websites that are highly engaging, secure and in par with the best in the world.

Marketing your website

Who wouldn’t want their website to rank well on search engines? But every single website cannot be on the top at once. That’s why we help you create a website that can generate leads and turn that in to revenue. We also help you with search engine optimization and online marketing. In today’s ever changing world, social media is a huge part of marketing and we can integrate all your social media with your website. We also teach you little things about search engine optimization that you can do by yourself as well to rank your website higher.

Maintaining your website

Regularly and timely maintenance of website is a critical task which many people ignore. We make sure your website is updated with the latest content, make sure you have no broken links, and all your new pictures, testimonials, prices and all the other content is up to date. Each dynamic website we create comes with the content management system where you can easily upload new images, video, update text content throughout your website easily with just few minutes of learning

What our clients have to say

“Going into our project, my partner and I requested a website which was not what we needed. We needed to have software completely written from scratch for our new company. We were told it could be done for a set price and would take 8-10 weeks. My partner and I had no idea exactly how the website should work and made several functional changes from our initial request which did add some time to the project. The price never changed and the designers were meticulous in assuring the quality and security of the finished product. The developer’s main interest seemed to be in assuring each of our requests were met and that the website functioned flawlessly. Many tests were performed by several designers to ensure perfection.”